Large and small scale Labyrinth sculptures are being fabricated for sale. Contact the artist for sales, commission works and works for gallery or commercial showing. 

This prototype for first limited production sample was hand-made in a series of 2 mazes.  Each maze for sale with base - $400 (plus tax and shipping)

Extremely difficult to solve and mesmerizing to look at. This first hardwood sculpture took over 90 hours to design and execute and is the first of its kind. For sale with base - $4,000 (plus tax and shipping)

Labyrinth Cube #2

Labyrinth Cube #1

A new series of handmade, hardwood labyrinth sculptures. Each work is a unique maze, intended to confound at any level. 

Labyrinth Plank #1

As simple as it seems, this first plank labyrinth is humorously confounding. The first of its kind.  For sale with base - $800 (plus tax and shipping)